Five pieces of old Chinese bronze fish currency Cinq pièces Etsy France Monnaie chinoise, Piece de monnaie, Chinois

Shanghai, 1929, 182 pp., tables, maps, 8é. First published in a letter to the North China Daily News. A computation of the exact fine-silver equivalent of the Shanghai tael. Standards; valued in terms of taels by Chinese maritime customs; shapes in which gold is used in China; gold as currency in China; gold bars. —— The fascination of Chinese numismatics.

China, v. 6, 1931, pp. 213–227. —— Paper money in China. Finance and Commerce, 28, Jul.–Aug. 1936, pp. 122–124, 148–151, 179–180, 206–208, 234–235. —— The mystery of the Hongkong dollar.

Marvin, William Theophilus Roger. AJN, v. 42, no. 1, 1907, pp. 9–13. Illustrations of Chinese pu, knife, later knife money and cash.

File:Ancienne monnaie chinoise.2.JPG

Chinese Coin Dynasty Kai Yuan Tong Bao Copper coin an ancient money object with round outer shape and a perceptible square center hole shape. Circulars and fixed price lists of this firm contain much descriptive and illustrative material on Chinese and Japanese numismatics. On pp. 70–72 transcriptions in Chinese of Mongol characters found on coins of the Yuan dynasty of the reign of Tohan Timur, A.D. —— The so-called “hat money” of Pahang. N, v. 17, no. 5, May 1904, pp. 142–144, illus.

NC, v. 6, no. 33, Nov. 1879, pp. 789–808, illus. —— The new monetary system of China, A personal interpretation. Shanghai, 1936, 175 pp.; 2d ed.

monnaie chinoise

London, 1911, 203 pp., illus. Designs of the old Japanese paper money or lucky symbols, Internazionales Archiv fér Ethnographies v. 20, pp. 73–81, 4 pls. Illustrations of Chinese gold, silver and nickel coins.

—— The “Ro” “Lo” collection of ancient Chinese money. NPJJ, v. 1, no. 6, Jun. 1913, pp. 210–211. —— Model-insect money of ancient China. N P J J, v. 4, no. 4/6, Oct.–Dec. 1914, pp. 121–135, illus. —— The knife coins of ancient China.

Shanghai “Mercury” Office, Shanghai, 13 pp. —— The French piastre de commerce. C CJ, v. 8, no. 6, Jun. 1941, pp. 82–83, illus. —— Selections from Proofs of Antiquity of Objects of Ancient Chinese Art. New York, 1932, 15 pp.

With several added chapters, New York, Institute of Pacific Relations, 1937. The Chinese currency situation with particular reference to the recent fluctuations of silver prices. —— On the coins of northern Siam.

First installment of a serial marked “to be continued,” but no trace has been found of other parts. The later coins of China. CCJ, v. 3, no. 1, Jan. 1878, pp. 5–7. Perez, Gilbert S. The leper colony currency of Culion. (Numismatic Notes and Monographs, No. 41).

numismatic bibliography of the Far East

(In Japanese.) Toyo Gakuho, Magazine of the Oriental Society, v. 34, Nov. 1936, pp. 100–134; Feb. 1937, pp. 260–296. Illustrations How to choose broker platform for day trading of coins and a banknote, pp. 270–272. Describes methods used in old native mints, with illustrations from Japanese books.

  • —— The “Ro” “Lo” collection of ancient Chinese money.
  • London, 1892, 443 pp., illus.
  • 1- and 5-cent coins minted by the American Engineering Corporation of Shanghai for Central Government of China, Chungking.
  • Catalogue of the coins, tokens, medals, dies, and seals in the Museum of the Royal Mint.

—— The coins of Wang Mang. —— The coins of the Chinese abroad. N, v. Equiti Forex Broker Review 14, no. 6, Jun. 1901, pp. 151–155; no. 7, Jul. pp. 191–194, illus.

Hack de FTX : un travail d’amateur à 400 millions de dollars d’après les experts

Supplement to notes published in no. 696, which curiously were published before the original article which they were intended to supplement. Coins of Ch’ien Lung, Chia Ch’ing, Tao Kuang, Hsien Feng, and T’ung Chih, 1736–1874. Row, P. C. Two small books of prints taken direct from Chinese coins, one of which is stated to be from the collection of G. In black, copper, and silver inks.

The old and new coins of Japan. Tokyo, 1930, 210 pp., illus. Annam Prime XTB Forex Broker Review and its minor currency. 1, 1882, art. 4, pp. 41–220, illus.

monnaie chinoise

—— Numismatic elements. Sword and knife shaped coins. N, v. 24, no. 5, May 1911, p. 154. —— The last Ming dynasty of China. N, v. 16, no. 6, Jun. 1903, pp. 165–168, illus. —— The earliest coin.

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—— Account of a deposit found in an ancient Chinese statue of Buddha. S., v. 3, 1863, pp. 34–39. Account of a collection of Chinese coins in the possession of W.

Japanese text pp. 26–28. —— A commemorative medal of Aidzu. NPJJ, v. 2, no. 6, Dec. 1913, pp. 217–219, illus.

End Notes

Erroneous statement that a paper note in the Asiatic Museum at Leningrad was issued 1399 B. —— The Nyi Tsye-ch’ung medallions of Anhui. NCR, v. 4, no. 1, Feb. 1922, pp. 20–22, illus. —— Minted Shantung Coins. NCR, v. 6, no. 4, Aug. 1922, pp. 320–328, illus.

API XE Currency Data

An account of the paper currency and banking system of Fuhchowfu. JRAS, v. 13, 1852, art. 10, pp. 179–189. Numismata Orientalia Illustrata. The Oriental coins, ancient and modern, of his collection, described and historically illustrated.

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